THE BOX is a 10-minute, experiential, immersive work for an audience of just four people, in which shards of light are as closely choreographed as flinging bodies. Taking place inside an ordinary shipping container, the audience is led inside and asked to stand within a taped square. Once inside, the doors are slammed shut and they are plunged into darkness. What ensues is an experience of light and movement as the dancers, who seem to appear out of nowhere, take the spectators on a journey through exposure and denial of lighting effects.

Complete with muted sound devices and a ‘safe word’, THE BOX is not for the faint-hearted.


THE BOX can take place at outdoor festivals and events, and the shipping container can be placed in a variety of locations, from parks to city malls, making it ideal for place-activation campaigns as well as giving the audience a surprising and exciting pop-up experience.



Director/Choreographer: Shaun Parker

Tour Manager: Joel Fenton

Performers: Libby Montilla, Samuel Beazley, Olivia Hadley, Romain Hassanin, Joel Fenton.



10 minutes



THE BOX has been supported by the Inner West Council through EDGE GreenWay Residency, Create NSW and Creative Australia.


“I liked the way the mysterious ambience is created. The use of torches with different rhythms, directions and spaces, provided quite a wide spectrum of sensations. Thank you for a wonderful sensorial and visual experience.” – Coti Cibils

“I love the concept of using containers, as the performance can be placed anywhere, and people don’t actually need to go to a theatre (if they have one in their town). I think that provides quite a lot to the community, and allows the piece to come closer to the community.” – Audience member

“Thank you, that was awesome! It was a great sensory experience. That moment of darkness, cause it doesn’t happen very often. It’s pitch black to start with. It makes you stop, you know life moves on so fast. So taking all those sensory things and making it pitch black. It all of a sudden slows life up for you. ” – Audience member

“It was a very interesting experience, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was interesting with the contrast of dark and light, actual full on dark. It was an interesting journey it took me on. I felt very alone. It felt like I was floating in space even though my feet were on the ground. It was difficult to grasp the level of depth of how far it went. And having those little moments of light grounded me, but then took that away very quickly. It was a lot of catching my breath, but thrilling yes. It was unique, thought provoking and inspiring.” – Audience member


Edge Sydenham Festival, Sydenham, New South Wales

Edge Greenway Festival, Sydney

Edge Greenway Festival, Sydney

Edge Greenway Festival, Sydney

Edge Greenway Festival, Sydney

Edge Greenway Festival, Sydney

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