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(*Up to a total value of $15,000)

“Australian primary schools are among those with the highest reported incidence of bullying in the world.”

(Mullis, Martin & Foy, 2008)

We need your financial support to help us reach 10,000 Australian children. Our aim is to help stop the bullying challenges facing our young people today.

The Yard, an award winning anti-bullying program was created to address the issues of bullying, social exclusion, peer pressure and resilience in Australian schools.  Our objective is to empower children to deal with the bullying issues raised in the performance and to inspire and motivate them in their future choices.

After taking part in The Yard program:*

  • 91% of children said they would not bully someone.
  • 81% of children felt more resilient against bullying.
  • 85% learnt how to help those being bullied.

We have a target to raise $15,000 before 18 May 2018.
Creative Partnerships Australia has pledged to match every dollar for dollar raised.

The time to give is crucial.

Support ‘The Yard’ now and help us end school yard bullying.


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*Statistics from an evaluation of The Yard conducted with more than 1100 primary students conducted in 2017
*This campaign is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1. 

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